The Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) programme has been developed as part of the collective efforts of many stakeholders to improve the performance of a country’s public financial management system, aiming to support strengthened economic growth and government service delivery.

Adam Smith International is a leading provider of PEFA assessments, in countries as diverse as Iraq and Pakistan and we see conducting them as an important step in benchmarking public financial management systems and measuring progress as reforms are implemented.

Fiduciary Risk Assessments (FRAs) are undertaken by donors to identify the level of risk associated with financial aid granted directly to a government, where the partner is responsible for expenditure. FRAs are mandatory where such aid is being given: evaluations of the national public financial management system are critical to assessing the level of risk involved in any financial assistance.

Adam Smith International is a recognised specialist in conducting FRAs and has successfully completed them in a range of countries from across the development spectrum, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Zambia.