Budget Policy, Systems & Management

Developing and managing national or regional budgets is a critical component of effective public service implementation. If public funds are to deliver the services for which they have been allocated, financial planning, execution and monitoring systems need to be in place and working. Many conflict-affected or transitional countries have very weak linkages between policy and budget allocation. Combined with limited capacity to analyse and prioritise budget allocations, this can mean that too few or too many resources are allocated to particular priorities. This reduces effectiveness, as services are then either under-funded or seek to disburse resources without the capacity to do so effectively and accountably.

We understand the important role of the budget in managing resources to meet government policy and deliver the best possible services. Working across the world, we are a recognised leader in establishing and developing a range of budget-focused competencies in our counterparts. As well as the development of core skills, particularly in the management of budgets, Adam Smith International offers expertise in:

  • Budget formulation and execution
  • Budget process reform
  • Medium-term expenditure frameworks
  • Aid management
  • Expenditure monitoring