Sector Level Administration Reform

While considerable attention is paid to higher-level institutions, sector-level administration, such as ministries of health or education, are often offered programme resources without receiving technical assistance to ensure that both existing and future resources are spent to best advantage. Sector-level administration is often a repository of vast amounts of sector-specific knowledge, but there is often limited capability to translate this experience into policy submissions that best mobilise resources.This leaves low levels of service delivery, ineffective advocacy and poor value for money, which can have a demoralising effect on staff and the institution.

Adam Smith International has always recognised the importance of effective sector-level administration in the response to poor public administration. It mirrors, to some degree, the process required at the centre of government, although there is usually a need for nuanced technical support that varies between sectors.

Our offerings in this area include:

  • Human resources management policies and pay and grading procedures
  • Functional, structural and staffing reviews of government institutions
  • Redefining ministries, departments and agencies and their relationships
  • Setting performance standards for public services
  • The participation of the private sector in the provision of services to the public
  • Development of modern information management and technology strategies
  • Strengthening of policy formulation capacity in ministries
  • Communications and public awareness to promote understanding and support for reform initiatives