Policy Development & Delivery

Government policy is the tool that translates political objectives into concrete outcomes. Countries with weak policy development and delivery mechanisms often fail to translate political objectives into outcomes that have the desired effect, resulting in wasted resources and poor service delivery. The responsibility for coherent cross-sector policy development and delivery necessarily rests with institutions at the centre of government, so building effective policy development and delivery across the whole of government begins there.

For over twenty years, Adam Smith International has been working with new, conflict-affected, and transitional countries to support the structures required to enable effective development and delivery of policy, leading to better service delivery and value for money for citizens.

Offerings in this area include:

  • Improving the ability to use evidence in policy development
  • Institutional reform to create an effective centre of government
  • Developing cross-government networks
  • Enhancing strategic communications capabilities to promote awareness and understanding
  • Reforming management practices, including human resources
  • Building decision-making capability as well as the ability to follow-up on decisions made
  • Supporting effective monitoring, evaluation and analysis of policy delivery