Civil Service Reform

The civil service is entrusted with supporting the development and delivery of government programmes, but it is susceptible to weakening by corrupt practices, which are often closely linked to the attainment or retention of political power. Such weakening is not only detrimental to the general functioning of government but can sometimes actively work against it, further reducing capacity and redirecting precious resources for personal or political gain.

As part of our public administration reform work over the past two decades, Adam Smith International has developed extensive expertise and understanding in navigating the often contentious matter of civil service reform. Modernisation of the civil service, often fiercely resisted by what can be highly conservative institutions. Restoration of the values of public service rather than command are vital to improving service delivery, ensuring resources reach the most vulnerable in society rather than enriching a privileged few. We have successfully implemented civil service reform programmes across the globe, including in Liberia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burundi and Palestine.

Our offerings in this area include:

  • Establishing the civil service legal framework and defining roles and responsibilities
  • Drafting human resources management policies and procedures including pay and grading, performance based contracts and decentralisation processes
  • Conducting functional, structural and staffing reviews of government institutions
  • Redefining ministries, departments and agencies and their relationships