Acts of corruption occur in every region of the world, but they are particularly corrosive in developing countries and emerging economies where robust and accountable public institutions are often in their infancy and resources are scarce. Corruption adversely affects entire societies: resources are misallocated, authorities mistrusted and successful businesses are those which maintain political favour rather than economic efficiency.

Anti-corruption strategies and frameworks are an essential component of efforts to enhance economic and social development in countries where corruption is prevalent.

Our experience of corruption and anti-corruption initiatives is broad and long-standing. It is the result of work on reform projects where corruption is a constraining factor, as well as work on projects specifically designed to combat corruption.

Our offerings in this area include:

  • Reviews of transparency and accountability
  • Anti-corruption strategies
  • Public information campaigns
  • Institutional development
  • Design of Citizens' Charters
  • Design of transparent and accountable procurement procedures
  • Organisational reviews to remove gatekeeper posts
  • Simplification of business processes