State Enterprise & Agency Reform

Adam Smith International specialises in providing assistance to the privatisation programmes of developing and transitional countries, with recent projects in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. 

Our work includes:

  • Design of privatisation programmes
  • Strengthening privatisation agencies
  • Development or enhancement of privatisation procedures
  • Drafting or amendment of privatisation laws
  • Supervision of privatisation transactions
  • Implementation of privatisation programmes

We have considerable experience in assisting governments as they develop and articulate a clear policy framework for privatisation. We adapt quickly to challenging and novel circumstances and can help to build the political support necessary to carry policies through to their successful conclusion.

We have extensive expertise in integrating social, environmental, labour governance and cross-sectoral dimensions into privatisation activities. We are world leaders in labour restructuring and uniformly achieve success in building effective social, environmental and governance components of restructuring programmes.