Public-Private Dialogue & Business Advocacy

In many countries, a weak business environment is one of the major constraints to business formation, growth and investment. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, it takes 161 days and fees equivalent to 285% of income to register a new business, compared to 1 day and 0.4% in New Zealand.

One of the most effective ways of delivering a sustained improvement in the business environment is to improve the effectiveness of public-private dialogue and advocacy. Promoting substantive, evidence-based, inclusive dialogue and advocacy allows local actors to set their own reform priorities and identify solutions to the business environment constraints that matter most to impoverished men and women.

We have developed a highly innovative approach to dialogue and advocacy. We work with governments to improve the way they consult with the private sector, business associations and chambers of commerce to improve their advocacy effectiveness, media houses to improve reporting on business issues and research institutions to improve the supply of relevant and impactful research. We also support relevant figures in launching sustainable public-private dialogue platforms, providing an institutionalised, inclusive space to discuss business environment issues that is not dependent on continued donor funding or support.

Our dialogue and advocacy capability includes:

  • Supporting government to better consult and dialogue with the private sector
  • Improving the organisational and advocacy effectiveness of business membership organisations
  • Supporting media groups to improve the coverage of business issues
  • Supporting the creation of effective and sustainable dialogue platforms
  • Facilitating issue or sector-based dialogue