Labour & Employment

Adam Smith International is a leading expert on international best practice in labour restructuring and employment, having implemented numerous labour restructuring projects in the context of privatisation.

Our work has often involved working with governments in the design and implementation of comprehensive social safety net programmes. The programmes developed by us have included: 

  • Designing and implementing voluntary retirement schemes which maintain high levels of transparency and accountability
  • Offering a range of financial, livelihood, trauma or social counselling to retrenched workers and their families
  • Introducing new products such as training vouchers for family members of retrenched workers instead of the worker themselves
  • In collaboration with banks, offering financial products such as life insurance and fixed deposits
  • Providing good quality livelihood training

Our work has often involved extensive collaboration with private sector training institutions, NGOs, potential private sector employers and local banks.

Our innovative work in this area was recognised when we were asked to assemble the World Bank’s Labour Restructuring Toolkit, the compendium of international best practice in this area.