Financial Sector Development

Financial services, both formal and informal, can play a vital role in the lives of disadvantaged people. They allow the poor to invest in and expand their businesses, deal with shocks such as crop failure or illness or transfer money affordably and safely. 

A well developed financial sector also allows governments to mobilise private capital for productive investment, delivering improved infrastructure provision and higher economic growth. However, in many developing countries the poor are financially excluded, meaning they are unable to enjoy the many benefits financial services bring. In Zambia, for example, over 62% of adults have no access to financial services, either formal or informal (FinScope 2010).

Adam Smith International has extensive expertise in financial sector reform, from the development of commercial banking sectors to the design and implementation of Financial Sector Deepening programmes. We also have significant experience in the insurance sector and in capital markets development.

Our financial sector development capabilities include:

  • Financial Sector Development
  • Policy, legislative, and regulatory reform
  • Central Bank reorganisation and reform
  • Capital market development
  • Bank restructuring and privatisation
  • Insurance sector reform and privatisation