Business Environment Reform

In many developing countries businesses both big and small face a challenging business environment. Unfavourable and bureaucratic laws, policies and regulations deter the investment and job creation vital to generating sustainable and equitable growth. Governments also suffer from a bad business environment through low compliance rates, lost tax revenues and low foreign investment.

Adam Smith International has world-leading expertise in business environment reform and investment promotion. We deliver sustainable solutions to the key business environment and investment constraints, ensuring that businesses continue to benefit from a better business environment long after our interventions have come to an end. We work across a wide variety of business environment reform issues, including business registration, taxation, land registration, investment promotion and agricultural policy and regulation.

We deliver practical advice and capacity building to governments and policymakers, grounded in local political and economic realities. We are therefore able to avoid the common problem of advice being ignored because it is too impractical or faces too many obstacles to implement.

We also work with non-government actors involved in the business environment reform process, such as business associations and media houses. Our work helps to make these organisations more effective advocates on behalf of their members and audiences, increasing the demand for business environment and providing valuable input and feedback to policymakers.

Adam Smith International’s business environment reform and investment promotion capability includes:

  • Supporting legal, policy, and regulatory reform
  • Mainstreaming gender in business environment reform
  • Building institutional capacity in government and non-government actors