Agriculture & Rural Development

Nearly a billion people worldwide are affected by severe hunger and poverty; three-quarters of the world’s poor are subsistence farmers who rely on small plots of land for their food and income. Improving yields, productivity, and incomes for small-holder farmers is vital if we are to achieve substantive progress in reducing global poverty. 

Adam Smith International is at the forefront of designing and delivering innovative solutions to agriculture development. Our approach is to tackle the underlying causes of low yields and productivity, not just the symptoms. This means, for example, working with input suppliers to improve their product offering and expand their rural networks so that small-scale farmers can access affordable and appropriate inputs such as seed and fertiliser on a sustainable basis, instead of an approach that involves simply giving away inputs for free.

We deliver technical assistance and capacity building support to a wide range of market players in the agriculture sector. We support policy and regulatory reform in governments; in the private sector we support private companies, business associations and farmer cooperatives to develop new products and services. Through this work we improve outreach, develop new distribution networks and develop more resilient and responsive organisations. 

We work in a wide variety of sub-sectors including livestock, dairy, tea, coffee, oilseed, vegetables and cross-cutting sectors such as input supply, agricultural credit and mechanisation.

Our agriculture development expertise covers:

  • Designing and implementing large and complex agriculture development programmes
  • Developing sector and sub-sector reform strategies
  • Service market development
  • Strengthening business associations, farmer groups and cooperatives