Strategy, Policy & Legislation

A rigorous policy and legislative framework ensures that economic benefits resulting from the extractive industries are sustainably captured. In many countries, natural resource wealth has the potential to catalyse significant economic growth, but only if governed by robust policy and legislation and guided by a cohesive vision for the sector.

Our experts at Adam Smith International draw on a wealth of in-country experience and approach assignments with internationally approved, best practice methodologies.

Our expertise covers:

  • Collective development of national vision and sector strategy
  • Drafting of policy, laws and regulations
  • Undertaking research and comparative analyses
  • Facilitating inclusive stakeholder consultation

We believe that a policy, legal and regulatory framework should be finalised with consensus reached by consultation with government, private sector and civil society, to ensure expectations align on the benefits and risks the sector will bring.

Through consultative and comparative analysis, we have drafted nationally endorsed policies and legislation which guide the natural resource sector in several countries, including Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Afghanistan.