Institutional Strengthening

Fit for purpose institutions with appropriate capacity are key to ensuring good governance of the economic activity of extractive industries.

Only institutions with appropriate mandates, design and capacity are well equipped to exploit the opportunities for sustainable economic growth and develop a flourishing and internationally respected extractive sector. In the oil, gas and mining industries, deficient institutional frameworks can lead to a governance environment conducive to disadvantageous contracts, low revenue, low impact on business, fewer employment opportunities, opaque deal-making, civil unrest and suboptimal policy and regulatory frameworks.

Adam Smith International possesses unique experience in addressing these challenges and impacts, having delivered institutional change across the extractive industries of several countries, including Afghanistan, South Sudan and Papua New Guinea.

We offer expertise in:

  • The review of institutional mandates and frameworks
  • Supporting stakeholders in defining strategic objectives of new organisations
  • Recommending approaches based on process design
  • Assessing organisational capacity to match new organisations
  • Designing and implementing capacity building programmes