Environmental Sustainability

All stakeholders - government, private sector and community alike - have a shared responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of extraction activities.
The environmental impact resulting from natural resource extraction can be an emotive topic. The inevitable issues that could damage - and have damaged - water supply, flora, fauna, tourism and agricultural livelihoods require careful analysis and mitigation.

At Adam Smith International, we understand the challenges and requirements of conservation and are uniquely placed to support governments in planning, designing and implementing physical, ecological and socio-economic measures to mitigate environmental issues.

Our expertise covers:

  • Sustainable environmental planning
  • Strategic environmental and social assessments (SESAs)
  • Environmental policy and regulatory drafting
  • Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA) protocols

Our commitment to long-term environmental planning outlasts our projects. Our contributions continue to deliver positive impacts across a number of countries, including Afghanistan, Liberia and Papua New Guinea.