Communication & Communities

Extractive industries should offer a lifeline for communities hosting resource exploitation, but often bring challenges. Empowering and engaging local communities and delivering effective communication supports mutually beneficial relationships between the private sector, government and citizens.

Extractive industry activity often generates high expectations of employment and increased income, which can be compounded by a lack of information. At Adam Smith International, we recognise the importance of translating a technical development agenda into concrete outcomes for host communities and providing an informed understanding of the oil, gas and mining industries and their development and production lifecycles.

Communication affects every project we undertake. We support governments in designing comprehensive communication strategies to ensure risks of social unrest and conflict are mitigated.

Our expertise covers:

  • Developing and implementing targeted communications strategies and action plans
  • Running consultation workshops
  • Designing and implementing participative community development agreements
  • Designing and implementing feedback mechanisms for local communities
  • Developing social licence-to-operate guidelines
  • Developing community engagement guidelines
  • Developing and implementing social and resettlement policy