Justice, Security & Peacebuilding

Our Justice, Security & Peacebuilding team is dedicated to increasing the quality, accessibility, accountability and responsiveness of justice, policing and security provided to citizens by state and non-state actors, in order to reduce conflict, improve governance, enhance political stability and strengthen economic development.

Our expertise and experience encompasses:

  • National Security: national security architecture comprising national councils, technical secretariats and sub-national committees; national security policies and strategies; security plans for public events such as elections, information collection, analysis and communication mechanisms; consultations with and responsiveness to civil society and communities; and legislative oversight
  • Justice: judges; prosecutors; courts; prisons; sector-wide planning and case management systems; legal aid and paralegals; human resource management; financial management; public awareness campaigns; and non-state dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Policing and Community Safety: community policing, specialised services for women and children, referral pathways, criminal investigations, intelligence systems, forensics, strategic planning, training design and delivery, professional standards and internal accountability, human resource management, financial management and ministerial and legislative oversight
  • Defence & Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration: legislation, white papers, strategic planning and management, force design, manpower planning, demobilisation and reintegration, financial planning and accounting, audit, training design and delivery, human rights, professional standards and internal accountability, intelligence, public relations, and executive and legislative oversight
  • Peacebuilding and Stabilisation: conflict analysis and sensitivity programming, building capacity of parties to define and communicate their interests and priorities, training in negotiation and dispute resolution, strengthening local governance and service delivery to meet needs of marginalised groups and facilitating public and private dialogue

We have provided assistance to various Ministries of Justice, Interior, Defence and National Security, Supreme Courts, Attorney General’s Offices and legal aid boards, national security councils and their secretariats, sub-national security committees, police and the armed forces, DDR commissions, parliamentary committees and a wide range of civil society organisations.

We have implemented such projects in politically sensitive and institutionally complex environments such as Somalia (including Somaliland), the Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Iraq. Our projects are funded by institutions including the UK Department for International Development, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence, European Union, World Bank and other bilateral donors from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Australia.

According to project needs, we deploy multi-disciplinary teams of expert advisers from diplomatic, justice, policing, military, intelligence, parliamentary, finance, academic or civil society backgrounds.

We recognise that the context and needs of each project are unique and that methodologies should be carefully tailored to each project.

We also recognise that producing sustainable results requires balancing best practice against political and institutional realities on the ground. The focus, sequence and pace of reforms must be tailored to beneficiaries’ priorities if reforms are to be not only accepted, but locally owned and sustained beyond the duration of the project. Our advisers are flexible, pragmatic and innovative to adapt projects to the evolving priorities, resources and environments of our clients.

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