Strategy & Policy

In partnership with our clients, we build development strategies and policies that release potential. Our strategies identify where infrastructure can be improved to further growth, efficiency, employment and a wide range of social and economic aims.

Impactful infrastructure is well planned infrastructure. Our attention to detail means that we help deliver the right projects, at lower risk and well budgeted. We understand that transformational change hinges on effective planning and a clear strategy around which we can build coalitions to support reform.

From the development of a railway network to a long-term plan to increase investment in renewable energy, our work is based on rigorous technical analysis, political awareness and economic modelling.

Our approach is known for being pragmatic and adaptable and each strategy we produce is carefully tailored to a country’s specific circumstances. Our experience in strategy formulation and delivery has given us the flexibility to adapt our plans to meet the challenges of the area we are engaged in. Rigorous, stress-tested monitoring and evaluation systems ensure that we build this experience into projects as they develop.