Institutional Reform & Strengthening

The ability of governments to achieve economic and social aims with limited resources is dependent on the efficiency and focus of the government itself. Ministries, departments and agencies are the cornerstones of reform and must be professional, efficient, flexible and transparent.

Governments play a key role in providing the right infrastructure. Adam Smith International has worked with governments around to world to develop the plans and methods for achieving this, often assisting them in harnessing the expertise and financial ability of the private sector.

The priority for improving internal capacity is often within planning and regulatory institutions, where the greatest shortfalls in ability often exist. By improving this part of the delivery process, we enable private sector participation. Adam Smith International is experienced in designing, setting up and reforming government bodies.

Equally important is the need to address technical skill deficits in project delivery. These exist from project design, planning, management, procurement, financing and operation. A skills deficit hinders the organic and sustained development of infrastructure. Institutional reform is often required to enable this increase in technical skills – for example, to create a new and professionally managed agency outside the civil service and thus be able to pay market rates for the skills required.