Infrastructure Finance

Finding workable solutions for private sector participation in infrastructure and public-private partnerships is our core strength. Adam Smith International’s reputation is built on 20 years of innovative advice on infrastructure finance.

We develop the most appropriate form of private sector participation and public-private partnerships for the context. Our financing structures consider value for money, affordability, risk allocation, competition, transparency, stakeholder engagement, political will and pragmatism. This experience has earned us the opportunity to create federal and public-private partnership units across the developing world. Finding the appropriate model depends on project objectives, the host country environment and building trust between contracting partners.

As a leader in public-private partnership provision, we assist countries in constructing a robust strategy and prospectus.

For a successful public-private partnership approach, government institutions must be equipped with sufficient skills to design, negotiate and manage contracts. Without these, public-private partnerships can be a costly and risky source of infrastructure financing.  We provide technical assistance and capacity building to level the playing field and improve the public-private partnership options available to governments.