Enabling Environment Reform

Developing new infrastructure often demands new ways of doing business, requiring governments to improve regulation, legislation or policy. An enabling environment is a prerequisite to successful infrastructure development.

Adam Smith International develops healthy enabling environments across disparate sectors, geographies and circumstances. We design regulatory frameworks and bodies, and have worked with our clients to establish these legislations and institutions by assisting with recruitment and organisational planning. As well as conception, we can draft follow-up and supporting legislation, and ensure that regulations are relevant and workable.

Involving communities, populations and businesses is vital - from community road maintenance schemes, to sophisticated public-private partnership airport projects. Private sector participation can take many forms and is powerful when engaging smaller scale businesses or communities in infrastructure delivery.

With our support, governments can involve key participants and groups in infrastructure projects, including lower income communities, women, or the small business community. This enables infrastructure with far-reaching impact to be completed by sponsoring representation or assisting at the project design to draft an inclusive design brief.