Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure develops countries. Appropriate infrastructure fulfils a huge number of basic requirements of a population and its economy, and it is a key response to climate change, in both abatement and adaptation.

Adam Smith International has worked at the cutting edge of infrastructure development for over 20 years and has assisted the economic growth and governance reform programmes of many developing and transitional economies.

The effect of infrastructure investment is exponential, enabling fundamental growth through employment, empowerment, poverty reduction and improved health. Competitive and reliable infrastructure lowers the cost of goods and services, particularly benefiting women and less affluent communities.

If the private sector is to be the engine of growth, proper enabling infrastructure must be available. Conversely, an infrastructure gap is a major impediment to private sector-led growth. Infrastructure is a prerequisite for the employment and economic growth that development brings. Businesses throughout the developing world repeatedly highlight poor infrastructure as the primary limitation on growth. An adequate and sustainable supply of electricity, appropriate transport networks and IT systems must be provided if a competitive entrepreneurial and effective private sector is to grow.

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