Teaching and Learning

Schooling is not synonymous with education. Despite significant improvements in enrolment and the numbers of students attending schools across the developing world, many children learn very little (through no fault of their own). Adam Smith International believes that improving the quality of classroom practice is the most likely intervention to have a profound impact on pupil achievement.

We provide expertise to improve learning outcomes in a number of ways:

  • Teachers: pre-service teacher training programme design, in-school mentoring, continuous professional development, teacher transfers, use of innovative technology in teacher practice, district support of education delivery.
  • Literacy and numeracy interventions: design and implementation of accelerated learning programmes, impact research, monitoring and evaluation of effective interventions.
  • Textbook and curriculum reform: curriculum design and evaluation, implementation of curriculum reform, model textbook development, textbook distribution, sequencing of topics, adjustment of textbook language complexity.
  • Assessment: assessment design, administration of examinations, analysis of student assessments at national and local level, linking curricula to examinations, examination reform.