Policy, Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation

Long-term educational success requires a clear strategy, effective policy, ambitious targets and realistic planning. Education sector plans can chart reform development, but can also encounter barriers to effective implementation. Plans often do not fully acknowledge the local context and political economy. Likewise, too little importance is given to sophisticated monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to inform decision-making.

We support the design of long-term policy and planning, developing or working within education sector plans to give them immediacy and a focus on deliverables. Adam Smith International advises on key areas to prioritise, develops high-level implementation plans, addresses sustainability issues and directs the allocation of limited resources.

Adam Smith International provides policy, planning and M&E expertise in the following areas:

  • Sector analysis: analysis of the education sector (including state and non-state provision at primary, secondary and tertiary levels), political economy analysis.
  • Policy: capacity building for evidence-based policy formulation within ministries, policy option concept notes, guidance on global best practice.
  • Long-term planning: development of education sector plans, donor coordination, sector wide approaches.
  • Sector costing: costing of large scale multi-year reforms, donor coordination.
  • M&E: development of rigorous monitoring frameworks, programme impact evaluations, logframe design, tracking of progress and deliverables, development of data collection processes, education management information systems, capacity building for evidence-based decision making.