Governance and Accountability

Education service delivery is critically impacted by poor management, unclear structures or mismanagement of the public purse. With rapidly expanding systems to match increased enrolment and the rise of alternative providers, the opportunities for mismanagement increase. If education institutions cannot respond quickly and competently the credibility of the education sector is undermined, leading to reduced educational demand from communities.

Adam Smith International believes that improving governance and accountability is at the core of building better education systems. Sustainable reform is possible when it is underpinned by effective, transparent and accountable institutions from the school to the ministerial level.

We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Organisational and institutional reviews: functional reviews, structural and staffing reviews, capacity needs assessments.
  • Human resource management: education sector legal framework, policies and procedures, pay and grading, performance-based contracts, change management (including training).
  • Public Financial Management: budget formulation, budget execution, output-based budgeting, internal and external audit, procurement processes, fiduciary risk assessments, public expenditure tracking surveys.
  • Decentralisation: defining roles and responsibilities between central and local delivery, capacity building and training, change management.
  • Community Engagement: parent teacher association support, civil society organisation capacity building, community-based monitoring of service delivery.