Political Economy Analysis

Effective and sustainable reform is built upon both an understanding of and responsiveness to the political economy of the country or region in which it takes place.  

Adam Smith International has always approached reform from a political perspective. With so many issues jostling for the attention of senior decision makers, a deep and current understanding of the political economy is vital in order to couch a reform programme in a relevant context and language which will demand attention. We directly seek political support for our programmes, often at senior level. As a company, we aim to put our reform programme on the political agenda and keep it there.

Our work on political economy ranges from small-scale formal studies of a country's political economy for a donor designing a larger programme, to significant advisory work for the leadership of a country on charting the first 100 days of a new administration. 

Much of our work bridges the nexus of politics and economics. This is true of a majority of our stand-alone projects, whether the creation of a macro-fiscal policy unit in a Ministry of Finance, policy work on private financing of infrastructure or the privatisation of state-owned enterprises.