Fund Management

Our teams have extensive experience designing and managing grant and loan funds, both in managing the legal, institutional and operational set-up of a fund and in implementing and evaluating such facilities. 

We deliver grants in some of the most challenging environments in the world – from Somalia to Afghanistan – demonstrating our focus on maintaining accountability and achieving value for money in fund management. We can move fast to establish and deliver such funds. For example, we stepped in at short notice to become the financial management agent for the Libyan Temporary Financing Mechanism, which was the single accountable window through which donors funded the National Transitional Council in Libya. We made the mechanism operational in a matter of days and financed services totalling US$1.6 billion that were vital to the survival of the then Libyan opposition.

We run funds across a wide variety of sectors. Current funds include the Sierra Leone WASH Facility, a flexible and innovative water and sanitation grant facility; the Kenya Market Access facility, a £20m flexible fund, to be disbursed with the aim of improving the performance of key markets that are vital to many local Kenyans and the Somalia Stability Fund, a multi-donor fund which supports peace and stability projects in the country.

We have designed a range of different types of fund. Three cases are the multi-donor Afghan reintegration trust fund, the £60 million-DFID funded Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility, and FONERWA, Rwanda’s climate change fund.