Around the world, public policy programmes or other important initiatives often fail because inadequate attention is paid to the communication work necessary to build and maintain support for them.

Reform of government and public services can affect millions of citizens, firms and investors. Achieving an understanding and acceptance of the changes that occur throughout a broad spectrum of stakeholders is critical to achieving sustainable reform. Effective communications build coalitions, making reform as politically safe and painless as possible. Good communication is also a critical success factor within government. Simple, open and efficient communication and reporting mechanisms throughout ministries and upwards to centre of government institutions is fundamental to meeting public service delivery targets.

Adam Smith International is a world leader in providing technical assistance communications and public awareness campaigns associated with public policy reform. 

Our strengths include:

  • Building commitment to reform across government and implementing agencies
  • Establishing stakeholder and wider public understanding and support for reform
  • Communicating complex policy simply and honestly using a range of media to get the message across and to engage multiple audiences

We have significant experience of adopting simple and efficient approaches to engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders whose input is critical to project outcomes. Our approach typically begins with a stakeholder assessment to enable the project team to rapidly map out the key stakeholders and audiences and to analyse their current attitudes towards likely project initiatives, their relative power in society and their influence on the decision-making process.