Sustainable Land Use

Nearly two-thirds of  the extremely poor in developing countries earn a living from agriculture, which is under acute threat from climate change. Sustainable management of land, water and forest resources has greater potential than any other area to strengthen developing economies and transform local peoples’ livelihoods.

We support the design and delivery of innovative, high-impact and transformative sustainable land use strategies. Our expertise ranges from strengthening the capacity of the Rwandan and Bangladesh governments to better plan for inclusive, sustainable growth, to piloting innovative ways of linking farmers to private companies across the East and Southern Africa agricultural sector.

We understand that sustainable resource management requires integrating finance, technology, market development and policy and institution building. We scale-up technologies and best practices which promote climate resilient value chains, and turn scientific knowledge into action to help the poorest improve their agricultural livelihoods.

This involves working with a multitude of public and private stakeholders across regional, national and local scales. Our delivery approach is therefore dynamic, solution-oriented, and always grounded in political economy analysis. Our services are demand driven, and include: market development, policy advice, increasing access to climate finance, and institutional reform and strengthening.