Climate Finance

Substantial upfront capital is required if developing countries are to transition to a low-carbon, climate resilient economy and still meet growth targets. The international community has committed to support developing countries in meeting these investment needs through the provision of international climate finance. More climate finance than ever before has been made available through funds such as the Green Climate Fund and Global Environmental Facility – funding mechanisms to implement the Paris Climate Agreement endorsed at COP21 in December 2015. We work with governments to access this finance, as well as build domestic sources of finance.

We support governments to receive accreditation for climate funds, develop projects and proposals for submission, and take successful projects to detailed design to secure implementation funds. We understand that for this to happen we need to help governments strengthen their institutional capacity, develop strategies to improve coordination between Ministries, and support policy and legislation to factor climate risk management into budgets and plans. We see developing countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions, and the implementation of these Contributions, as the central platform to address climate change issues. We work with governments to implement their climate priorities, as well as align our interventions to support achievement of these.

We are known for our ability to quickly understand dynamics within governments, and implement practical solutions to bridge gaps in capacity, communication and planning. Our services include: accreditation support for national implementing entities, project development and proposal writing guidance, policy work and institutional strengthening, capacity building, strategy and market development.

Adam Smith International’s Climate Change team works across the world to support local people respond to the impacts of climate change and meet international goals, set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. We work at the cutting edge of policy and practice and aim to become a global leader in implementing complex and innovative programmes, which grow economies, transform livelihoods and respond to climate change at the same time.