Climate Change

Climate change is threatening the survival of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns and increasing droughts are damaging the livelihoods of billions across the developing world.

This ever-growing problem is hindering the growth of economies in developing countries as they strive to improve their agriculture to feed growing populations, fuel their rapidly growing cities, and build infrastructure. Adam Smith International takes a development-focused approach to climate change. This means our work focuses on growing economies and transforming livelihoods in ways that respond to the climate challenge at the same time.

We help the poorest communities dependent on agriculture and other natural resources to adapt to changes in their climate. We support governments to create markets for renewable energy sources to provide energy access. We build water infrastructure in ways which withstand climate impacts to support lasting economic growth.

We deliver large, complex programmes. We support regional bodies and national governments to develop inclusive climate resilient economic policies. We strengthen institutional capacity to plan, invest in and manage climate-related risks. We leverage finance to support these activities, and we work with private companies to identify commercially viable solutions to last when we leave.

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