Parliamentary Development

Functioning parliaments underpinned by effective parliamentary procedures and processes are critical to successful liberal democracies, as essential features of countries seeking to develop in an equitable and democratic fashion.  

Adam Smith International has worked in the field of parliamentary development for over 20 years. Our initial engagements were targeted at the emerging democratic parties of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. We worked to develop the understanding of democratic opposition parties in Poland and Bulgaria on the role of Parliament and parliamentary and legislative processes with funding from the Foreign Office. This assisted parties in both countries in developing their thinking on constitutional law and aspects of their policy platforms. We were also appointed by the Department for International Development to work with parliamentary committees of the Ukrainian Parliament in helping to build their understanding of economic reforms in general and state enterprise reform in particular.

Our focus then expanded to include Middle Eastern regimes. In the years before the creation of the Palestinian National Authority in 1994, Adam Smith International worked with lawmakers within the Palestinian Liberal Organisation hierarchy on a range of legislative and parliamentary issues. A major outcome of that programme was the first Palestinian company law. 

Following the collapse of the regime of Saddam Hussein in 2003, we were appointed to work with a range of committees in Iraq’s House of Representatives on matters relating to the annual government budget and the strengthening of approaches to public financial management. As parts of larger projects, we also established parliamentary business and liaison units within the Cabinet Office of Iraq and later in the Prime Minister’s Office in Kenya.

Over the years Adam Smith International has worked on a multitude of projects in legislative drafting and the shepherding of legislation through various parliaments. We retain a strong in-house capability to undertake work of this nature, which has been at the core of many of our projects.