Civil Society Strengthening

A vibrant, effective and independent civil society is a vital component of a country where the government can be held to account by its citizens.

Adam Smith International has been supporting the development of civil society in a range of countries around the world for more than a decade. Our support to civil society has in the past aimed to build the capacity of civil society to hold governments to account for performance in one or more sectors where the state is active.  More recently, we have also worked with and through civil society organisations to assist in the delivery of essential services, often in countries where the state is fragile or has been affected by conflict.

In Georgia, for example, our team worked with a range of civil society organisations to build their capacity to hold government to account for the manner in which it allocated public finances and subsequently accounted for their use. 

In Sierra Leone we are implementing a major DFID-funded programme that aims to improve the provision of water and sanitation services to the poorest sections of society. We work with a wide range of civil society organisations in Freetown and across the country. In Somalia, we are building the capacity of civil society to provide basic services in parts of the country where there is limited government capacity and in Nepal we have an ongoing DFID-funded programme that aims to support the rural poor with advice on subsistence farming and small-scale agriculture.