ASI Wins Award for Free Syrian Police Project British Expertise International honours AJACS project


London, 17 April 2019 - Adam Smith International is proud to be recognised for bringing stability and human rights to opposition-held communities in Syria, with an award presented by British Expertise International for the Access to Justice and Community Security (AJACS) project.

The award, in BEI's category of international positive social impact, was presented to ASI Director Robin George, who accepted on behalf of the entire team who was in involved in AJACS and its support for the Free Syrian Police.

He dedicated the prize to the people of Syria, who are still struggling in a war-torn country where donors can no longer sustain support through projects such as AJACS.

"We are very proud to have managed this project and to have defended it in the face of malicious news reports that completely misrepresented the huge benefit it brought to people living in such a hopeless and lawless environment," he said.

AJACS, a multi-donor fund led by the UK, provided support to keep the Free Syrian Police operating in Idlib and other opposition regions of Syria to maintain order by intervening in private disputes, petty crime, daily operations such as traffic control as well as protecting communities from extortion and violence of terrorist factions. ASI co-managed the project, which ended with when Syrian government forces gained control of the area

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