Working Environment

Our success depends on our people’s success, so we provide a working environment and support to help you deliver your best work.

We take pride in providing a healthy, people-oriented working environment, which is friendly and relaxed, with little unnecessary bureaucracy and hierarchy. Our team is truly international, with people from a wide variety of continents and cultures working to common objectives.

We have a number of offices throughout the world, with varying facilities in each. Our Headquarters on the South Bank of central London has tremendous panoramic views over the River Thames and Houses of Parliament.


In our global business environment, flexibility is a must. We promote flexible working, including flexible schedules, remote working opportunities and relocation support for those who work away from their home.

We work with you to establish a work-life balance that accommodates you. Our personalised approach offers flexibility to identify a solution that is right for you and the company. For example, in the past few years, we have facilitated dual-career couples’ moves abroad.

Diversity & Inclusion

Nurturing a diverse team and promoting a collaborative culture strengthens our impact in the locations in which we work. We celebrate having a pool of consultants from many different backgrounds and geographies, believing that bringing together diverse ideas and approaches enables success beyond that anticipated. Embracing our differences and working together is the only way to channel all the essential know-how to where it can work best.

Since much of the work we do involves bringing groups and communities together, it is of paramount importance that we reflect - and openly promote - an inclusive culture ourselves. You will therefore see this in the way we work across  all our projects.

Getting Involved

Interested in networking with other Adam Smith International employees? Several of our office locations offer a variety of leisure activities, networking opportunities and community-related event participation. Take a look here to hear more about some of our initiatives. All permanent employees and associate consultants are welcome to participate.