Associate Consultant Positions

Adam Smith International is established, widely trusted and growing fast. Our reputation with governments and major donor organisations is growing, following the tangible results and positive impact our work has on individuals and societies across the world.

As our project portfolio expands, we want to continue to work with the brightest, best and most experienced people. We are constantly on the lookout for associate consultants who have the skills and know-how to add to our growing pool of talent. We see Adam Smith International’s family of consultants as our most important resource and have invested over two decades in building a cadre of project managers to support our teams in the field and light touch systems and procedures to ensure they can focus on technical challenges without having to worry about logistics and administration.

When it comes to technical delivery we give our consultants high levels of influence and responsibility. They have the opportunity to represent us at the highest levels of government and industry and we trust that this opportunity and responsibility will be repaid.

Associate consultants are supported by our full time team, based largely out of our headquarters in London, along with office locations in Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, India and Nepal. Our senior management is an active and approachable team who keep a close eye on our work. Our work impacts directly upon the well-being of some of the world's most vulnerable people, so it is essential that our associate consultants focus on the potential for positive impact in the work they do and deliver meaningful results.

We look particularly for consultants who can combine their technical expertise with sensitivity, empathy and diplomacy with a calm, politically savvy and pragmatic approach. Our work is important and our teams often engage in issues of significant geo-political interest. Many of our consultants have received national awards and honours in recognition for the work they do.

Adam Smith International and the teams that represent us often operate in intense, highly political and unpredictable environments. We understand this: part of the commitment that underpins the relationship between Adam Smith International and our consultants is an undertaking by us to go the extra mile to mitigate the risks and difficulties faced in the field, to minimise the burden of unnecessary administration and to pay in a timely fashion. The latter point, we understand well, is of particular importance to the freelance consultant. See the following section for comments on these points from Adam Smith International’s family of consultants. 

We are always interested in hearing from people with 5+ years of experience in one of the specific technical fields in which we work.

If you think you have the necessary qualities to be an asset to Adam Smith International, we would like to hear from you. We may contact you immediately, but we also have ongoing needs for our ever-increasing project portfolio, so we maintain a database of consultants who are contacted about opportunities as they arise.