Supporting automation of processes in Liberia’s new revenue authority

ITAS International Consultant
West Africa
Supporting automation of processes in Liberia's new revenue authority

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) was recently created to increase domestic revenue generation.

The Ebola outbreak in 2014 exacerbated the many challenges facing the new revenue authority, including the need for comprehensive automation of the tax and customs administration system. This automation entails the creation of automatic processes using the latest information technology in order to reduce the corruption and leakage of revenues which can occur through manual interactions between taxpayers and tax officials.

Automating processes can significantly increase organisational efficiency as labour intensive processes are simplified and modern information technology is exploited. The performance and achievement of the new LRA is greatly dependent on the systems supporting business processes. The need for a complete, secure, reliable and effective automated system to enhance data integrity and drive business efficiency and effectiveness cannot be overemphasised.

To ensure proper collection and accountability of its tax, non-tax and customs revenues, Adam Smith International managed the automation project of Liberia’s tax administration system. This involved the placement of an embedded advisor within the LRA to assist with contract negotiations, software providers and a work-plan for the implementation of the software. Additionally, we have collaborated with external stakeholders such as banks and the Liberia Business Registry in order to ensure the effective interfacing between IT systems in these institutions.