Transparent governance / Anti-corruption

Corruption is a problem all over the world, but is particularly prevalent in developing countries and emerging economies where robust and accountable public institutions are often in their infancy. Corruption affects entire societies adversely, and attitudes to corruption become increasingly ambivalent as long as the incidence of corruption remains unchecked. Anti-corruption strategies are therefore inextricably linked to economic and social development in countries where corruption is a problem. ASI’s experience of corruption, and anti-corruption initiatives is broad and long-standing, and is the result of work on reform projects where corruption has proved to be an obstacle, as well as work on projects specifically designed to combat corruption.

  • Reviews of transparency and accountability
  • Anti-corruption strategies
  • Public information campaigns
  • Institutional development
  • Design of Citizens Charters
  • Design of transparent and accountable procurement procedures
  • Organisational reviews to remove gatekeeper posts
  • Simplification of business processes