Technical Assistance & Capacity Building in the Ministry of Commerce and Industries

Region: South Asia
Country: Afghanistan

ASI is currently implementing a major private sector development programme in Afghanistan. The programme seeks to develop a PSD Directorate within the Ministry of Commerce and Industries that will take the lead in the formulation and implementation of a PSD policy framework. There are 3 main work-streams: i) Investment Policy; ii) Market Business Development; and iii) Outreach. The Investment Policy work-stream is intended to create the conditions that business people need to make long term investments. For this reason it includes a strong focus on improving the licensing regime in Afghanistan.
The Market Business Development work-stream is intended to facilitate the development of market systems in Afghanistan and includes a strong focus on promoting the movement of businesses into the formal sector. The Outreach work-stream is designed to build trust and dialogue between the public and private sectors and to strengthen policy coordination across government. The overall programme is closely linked to the implementation of Afghanistan's National Development Strategy (ANDS).