Tax reform public education

Country: Bulgaria

ASI provided support to the National Revenue Authority in support of Bulgaria's tax reform programme. Together with Bulgarian communications advisors ASI developed a communications programme to build awareness, understanding and support for the national tax reform programme. 
ASI's work has focused on improving compliance whilst reinforcing public awareness about the changes associated with Revenue Administration Reform (RAR). Expert assistance provided to the Communications Department (CD) has included: strategic communications support, media planning, stakeholder research design and analysis, creative development and production and commercial advertising, to assist NRA external communication with key taxpayer groups and other stakeholders outside the NRA. At the close of Year three of our technical assistance to the NRA, the primary aims agreed at the start of the programme have been achieved or surpassed whilst delivering additional inputs/facilitating additional achievements. Highlights of our support to the NRA have included:

  • Successfull implemention the 2006, 2007 and 2008 National Tax awareness media campaigns;
  • Production and broadcast a number of cutting-edge infomercials that succeeded in capturing audience attention due to their innovative style and practical, useful content;
  • In the first year of simmunications support generation an increase in revenues of 54%; from 4.8 billion 2005 to 7.4 billion leva in 2006;
  • Preparation of a detailed Communications Strategy and Media Plan targeting key stakeholder groups' primary concerns and using their preferred channels;
  • Creation and implementation of a detailed, time-bound Master Plan, integrating all PR and advertising activities and targeting each stakeholder group;
  • Development of multi-media campaign and timetable for the 2007 and 2008 ‘Why Pay Taxes' campaign