Tailored HRM workshops

Country: Jordan

ASI supported Jordan's public sector reform strategy through a series of workshops as part of a Public Administration Reform project. ASI's work focused on increasing awareness among senior Jordanian officials of current international thinking on delivering public services effectively and building their capacity to implement and lead the proposed reform strategy.
As an element of the Jordanian Government's ‘Top Management Development Program' we designed and delivered a series of Executive Workshops for civil service Director Generals, one focussing on "HRM Strategies that drive Government Transformation". The aim of the course was to enable participants to describe the key features and benefits of an HRM approach as part of strategic HR planning within the Jordanian government context. The objectives were to:

  • Describe the difference between ‘Personnel Management' and ‘Human Resource Management';
  • Present HRM case studies which demonstrate different facets of HRM strategies (e.g. reward & recognition, accountability frameworks to ensure delivery of personal and business objectives, learning and development);
  • Explore the principles and underpinning HR planning necessary to develop effective HRM reforms; and
  • Present tools and techniques for evaluating HRM plans and processes for making improvements.