Supporting HR reform in the customs department

Region: South Asia
Country: Afghanistan

ASI implemented a long-term customs reform project designed to assist the Afghan government to establish an efficient customs headquarters in Kabul.  A key focus of the project was the development of strong HRM practices managed by a competent HR department.
The reform started at a very basic level because the whole organisation was seriously lacking in physical resources, technical competence, managerial capability and institutional knowledge.  Over time we supported our Afghan counterparts to:

  • develop a HRM strategy and policies;
  • develop a HRM system which defined the functions, roles and responsibilities within the department;
  • establish employment rules, regulations and conditions of service in line with national legislation;
  • develop a HRM system which enabled the administration to recruit, retain and deploy personnel of the calibre required to deliver business objectives;
  • establish reporting, pay and reward systems;
  • utilise information technology to deliver personnel management information; and
  • apply HR policies and systems in provinces and other major customs centres.