Support to the Paliamentary Sub-Committee on Mining

Region: West Africa
Country: Sierra Leone

ASI supported the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Mining in considering and amending the Mines and Minerals Act 2009.

Since 2007 ASI has been the leading advisor on minerals sector reform to the Government of Sierra Leone. ASI's  work has included supporting both institutional and legislative reform for the sector.  In addition to working with technical administrators and Cabinet members, ASI engaged the Parliamentary sub-committees on Mining and Legislative Review. By engaging these committees early in the consultation and drafting process, ASI was able to ensure Parliamentarians were well informed of the key issues and were in a position to provide meaningful input into the Bill.  In addition to the formal reading in Parliament, ASI also facilitated a number of pre-legislative hearings to ensure the Bill was well understood and debated by all Parliamentarians. The outcome of this work is broad support for a new Mines and Minerals Act that will strike a better balance between benefits to the country and returns companies - thus ensuring a more responsible exploitation of resources.