Support to Ministry of Education

Service type: Education reform
Region: South Asia
Country: Afghanistan

ASI worked in the Ministry of Education on a major three-year programme of support to the Minister funded by DANIDA.  The programme included the following elements: a) support to the Minister’s private office b) support on budget preparation and execution and a range of other public financial management activities; c) donor co-ordination and support on a range of education policy issues d) support to the new department of Human Resources in the implementation of the civil service wide restructuring programme (PRR) and e) managing the DANIDA programme of support to the education sector.
As part of this work ASI has developed an Initial Teacher Training framework for basic education, accompanied by guidelines on the subject knowledge requirement for teachers trained within this framework.  We are also supporting the establishment of a Chief Education and Training Assessor position, a national post that is designed to provide with the Minister with an independent evaluation of progress in the sector. 
ASI also played a lead role in effectively transitioning the ministry to a programmatic budgeting model in time for the 1386 budget, enabling the ministry to successfully argue for an increased budget allocation.  This transition, as remarked upon by the World Bank, enabled the ministry to go from one of the poorer performing ministries to one of the leaders.  Since that time we have supported the ministry to reform its financial management systems both at the centre and towards a decentralised financial management structure.  We are currently providing key support in the submission of the 1387 budget.