Strengthening Counter Narcotics Police

Region: South Asia
Country: Afghanistan

ASI has been for several years assisting the Counter Narcotics Police of the Ministry of Interior to reform and modernise its systems, particularly its financial and HR systems and has supported the development of a new ranking structure for the Police Force. The project has also provided mentoring to senior positions within the force, including assistance to the Deputy Minister and Head of the Counter Narcotics Police to develop systems to track and monitor implementation of policy level decisions and to increase the professionalism of his own office.

ASI also assisted the establishment of the Ministry of Counter Narcotics which is responsible for directing and monitoring the activities of a large number of government ministries and agencies at national and local levels in support of the National Drugs Strategy. ASI has been supporting the Ministry, established only three years ago, to clarify and promote its role across government and to carry out a comprehensive restructuring and reform process.