Strengthening capacity for regional economic cooperation

Service type: Trade policy
Region: South Asia
Country: Afghanistan

In 2005-2006, ASI worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Afghanistan to develop its capacity to promote economic cooperation with neighbouring countries and other strategic partner countries. ASI organised a regional economic cooperation conference with British government funding in December 2005 that was attended by ministerial-level delegations from all invited governments and senior executive-level delegations from international financial institutions, business federations and private investors.
An ASI Adviser also supported the preparation of the Afghan government to chair the Conference on Afghanistan held in London in early 2006, and secure specific guarantees of support from the international community. The project assisted the Ministry in liaising with bilateral and multilateral donors to support the government's trade and investment agenda. Senior civil servants were also provided coaching to improve their skills to analyse and respond to developments in the international trade arena.

040708 Bridge linking Afghanistan_Uzbekistan .JPG
The bridge linking Afghanistan with Uzbekistan