Labour restructuring toolkit

Service type: Infrastructure reform
Region: Global
Country: Global

The aim of the project was to prepare a comprehensive set of actions can be employed in order to help mitigate the effects of labour downsizing that can often result from private participation in infrastructure. The Toolkit contains comprehensive guidance, procedures and training materials relating the establishment and implementation of Labour Restructuring Programmes based on ASI's practical experience and on an exhaustive two year study of international best practice in labour adjustment.

The toolkit can be viewed on the web at

The World Bank was very pleased with the toolkit. The task manager wrote to us:


"I just wanted to thank you once again for ASI's efforts and commitment to producing a great toolkit which exceeded  expectations and goals, not only in terms of substance and quality but in the tremendous effort that's been made in pulling together all the materials and tools -- it's a toolkit in the true sense of the word!  I think we will see a lot of demand for this product and I for one am very grateful to the team for the unrelenting dedication and professionalism throughout, and am proud of the final product."