Human resource management reform

Region: South Asia
Country: Afghanistan

ASI designed and implemented a programme of support to transform and renew the Afghan civil service to improve its competence, efficiency and effectiveness in developing and implementing policies to meet the country's development objectives. The HR work is based on the following pillars:

  • HRM systems to ensure the merit-based recruitment and promotion of skilled, well-motivated and fully-accountable staff;
  • a Civil Service Law which defines the civil service and roles within it, establishes the fundamental principles governing the activities of an ethical, politically impartial and accountable civil service and establishes the institutional arrangements for managing the civil service;
  • a code setting out the roles and responsibilities of ministers for policy-making, and for managing their interactions with civil servants; and
  • institutional arrangements to ensure that civil service management policies and procedures are implemented and kept up-to-date.

ASI also worked with the Independent Administrative and Reform and Civil Service Commission, to help establish it as the body to co-ordinate and manage public service modernisation.