Development of the legal and regulatory framework for the Mining Sector

Country: Southern Sudan

ASI was invited by the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), through Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) financing, to develop the legal and regulatory framework for the mining sector in Southern Sudan. Working closely with a range of GoSS Ministries, key outcomes of this assignment include a Draft Mining Act, mineral right regulations and recommendations for the mining sector fiscal framework. Pursuing a two-fold objective, the project seeks to foster economic and social development through facilitating private sector investment and development of the mining industry.  Secondly, the project focuses on building institutional capacity to enable transparent and effective sector governance.


The project consists of three separate but closely related components:

1. Establishing a framework for strengthened governance and transparency. This includes:

  • Assessment of existing institutional arrangements and developing institutional options;
  • Identifying requirements for a computerised registry and cadastre system;
  • Identification of suitable legal and regulatory frameworks;
  • Drafting of a new Mining Law;
  • Consultation with GoSS and stakeholders; and
  • Developing a framework for environmental and social management practices, policies and safeguards.

2. Fostering economic development and livelihood diversification. This includes:

  • Developing guidelines for community consultation;
  • Field trips to mining sites with MEM;
  • Development of an artisanal mining strategy; and
  • Identification of pilot projects.

3. Supporting private sector development. This includes:

  • Developing templates for mineral exploration and mining licences;
  • Assessing the feasibility and requirements for a geological laboratory; and
  • Investment promotion.


Gold panning 2 (2).jpg
Artisanal miners panning for gold in Kapoeta, Southern Sudan (photo: D. Greenbaum)