Democratic oversight of security services

Country: Iraq

As a stand alone sub project of its Emergency Public Administration Reform Programme in Iraq ASI supported the government to design how the multi-national forces and the Iraqi security forces would report to and interface with the country's elected civilian leadership.

 ASI's advisers worked closely with Iraqi Ministry of Defence officials and military officers to advise Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, his National Security Adviser(s), Senior Officials of Multi-National Forces in Iraq (MNFI), and advisers to the Ministers of Interior and Defence. ASI reported directly to the Iraqi National Security Adviser Qassim Daoud.

 The work led to the creation of a sub-committee of the Council of Ministers, chaired by the Prime Minister, responsible for all aspects of the security sector, including intelligence. The sub-committee wassupported by a policy and planning secretariat and sits atop the joint MNFI and Iraqi Security architecture and was the channel through which MNFI and Iraq's security services reported to the centre of government and through which policy and operational decisions were transmitted back to them. Following the transfer of sovereignty in 2005 ASI withdrew its advisers leaving the new institutional architecture in place.